Sunday, May 22, 2005

"...except where contractual obligations exclude the use of passes."

I have either George Lucas or 20th. Century Fox to thank for the fact that today I had to see Kicking and Screaming starring Will Ferrel(sp?). While it was humorous and had its good points, it was no Star Wars. Which was what we intended to see but have still not. Lori has a magic card that gets us into any movie. Except apparently Star Wars. We've never been turned away with this card. Usually sliding it through the window changes the demeanor of just about any sullen teen-aged movie ticket seller. But not today, as we were rebuffed. But, out of the house, cookies packed and the little one with grandma, we weren't about to leave the air conditioned theater. So, we saw something else. And I wouldn't recommend this movie. It was good enough, light-hearted enough, predictable enough, but in the end, I didn't think it really came together as well as it could have.
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