Friday, January 23, 2015

The gates have been breached

Since Rachel was able to walk, gates have been a part of our lives. There may have been a brief period without them before Ben was born, but I can't recall. We own quite a few of them.

Ben's autism deprives him off a sense of his own safety which means we really have to be careful with what he has access to - lots of doors and cabinets with locks on them, and until recently, gates as a way to limit access to an area (or keep him in an area).

Over the last few days he's realized that he can just throw a leg up and then hop right over. He's been seeing us do it for years so I guess he finally decided he ought to try it.

So, back to the drawing board - move more stuff out of the kitchen, more locks on drawers and cabinets and maybe some solartubes ($$) to lighten up the hallway which is deathly dreary with all the doors shut and locked.

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