Monday, January 05, 2015

Missing Context: Pinterest

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Pinterest is inviting me to get its business-grade analytics offering.  However, I'm puzzled...

  1. Why was I selected?  What about my use makes them think I'm running a business?
  2. What happens if I click "Switch Now"? Is there a cost? Will I be identified as a business owner?
  3. What happens if I click "No, thanks"? Have I missed out forever?

Clearly, the value proposition makes sense to the people at Pinterest. But they haven't placed themselves in their customer's position to see if it makes sense to someone who knows nothing except what's placed in the banner.  (Maybe I'll see later that I have an email, but at the moment, all I have to go on is this box.)

Clearly a case where a link to "Frequently Asked Questions" would be valuable.

This is one of the cases for using consultants - outsiders who don't understand your business quite as well as you can.  They'll ask the questions that you might take for granted.

Are there any parts of your business where you might be failing to provide your customers adequate context because you live-and-breathe it but your customers don't?

James Lamb maintains a clearly amateur Pinterest board here and enjoys helping others to be successful in their Digital Marketing efforts through both his full-time job and through his a boutique consultancy that helps small businesses with their Email, Social Media and Web Analytics.
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