Thursday, January 01, 2015

Question of the Day: Mission

What is your mission?

In 2014, I said: Simplicity, Serenity, Serendipity. To get there, I need focus.

Answered Feb. 16. Lori got me this neat book for my birthday, so it took me awhile to catch up on all the dates before my birthday. There will be other points during the year where I get behind and miss dates and then have to go back and catch up. But it is exciting to see how my life will change over the next four years and how these answers pile up. I'm hoping that they will see this as promotion of the book and not ask me to remove it. You can get your own copy from the link at the right or by clicking here. I'm not sure I did a great job of keeping my focus in mind this past year. And boy, what a year it was.

So... what about you? What is your mission?

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