Monday, March 03, 2014

This is broken, @Cigna / @CignaQuestions

Hey +Cigna - this is broken on Chrome 35 for the Mac. (Works fine on Firefox 18 and Safari 7) The menu appears by default and you can't make it go away. (You have to uncheck things until PDF moves over far enough to be to visible to the left of the menu.)

(click to enlarge)
It's also broken in another way... visit a hospital and you interact with a lot of people each of whom bills you separately. For privacy reasons, I understand why you don't list more details on this list, but it makes it difficult to track. I would love to have the ability to assign a status (like received, paid, covered, contested) as well as write short memo so that I can add the doctor's name or other details to this list for my own reference.
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