Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Know Your Audience (A Work-Related Post)

Attention is the most abused resource. Sometimes we give it away without thought, other times we are extremely stingy. And if you're sending emails, every email is a request for attention.

One of these got opened quickly, a second rather quickly.

Ok, so the email doesn't look like it's necessarily work-related in and of itself, but it tells me rather quickly that it's going to take less than a minute to deal with, what I need to do to deal with it, and what it's about - that's a lot for a subject line.

You want our attention every time you send an email. You have no idea what's above or below yours in someone's inbox. Are you taking the time to stand out, be informative, be clear in your goals? And more importantly, is it what they want or need at the moment they open their inbox?

And then, when opened, does your email follow-through on the promise?

Of course, I won't leave you hanging:

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