Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weeks 50 and 51 and 52 (Final)

Sunday afternoon (final) - So a whole 52 weeks of this experiment has concluded and it kind of felt like it fell apart there at the end. Life threw me for some loops and sometimes I rebounded well, other times I just jumped off the wagon. For chores, for sure. For diet, definitely for sure. Final tally on this three-part week was 449 tasks when normally I would have liked to have had about 200 per week or 600 complete. Let's see if we can do better next week. One part is definitely making sure to document each day, something I slacked quite a bit at there at the end. Ben put himself to bed and took a nap this afternoon so I took advantage of the sunny/rainy (it couldn't decide) afternoon and pulled out the mower and mowed all four lawns, the edger and edged two of the lawns and a rake to rake at the moss. Definitely need to get fertilizer and moss killer. Also trimmed some bushes and pulled some weeds and turned over some of the bark. The yard doesn't look as improved as I wish it did for the work I did, but it also wasn't a lot of work, but still felt good to be out there doing work. Hopefully in time we can get it back on track for this summer (last year was kind of lost) and eventually we won't be the reason none of the neighbors ever worry if they have the worst looking yard on the block.

Friday evening - I realized tonight the significance of this being week 52 - that means I'm a year into the experiment. That said, it's another failure of a week. All heck broke loose this week. There was temporary insanity at work and I thought I was going to have to go find a new job. It was so bad that it made me sick to the point that I stayed home sick on Wednesday. Things righted themselves, but the damage was done, I'd kind of blown off this week, too. le sigh. Oh, and I got addicted to 2048. Like seriously addicted. Like I can't stop playing. Like I went to get the link to put in this article and almost stopped and played a game mid-sentence. If I could play this on my phone, all hope would be lost. Also, my diet has filed for divorce. I cheated on it so bad today, so blatantly, so obviously, rubbed its face in it. You don't want to know, you don't want to know.

Monday afternoon - The first of its kind, a three-week (or possibly four-) accounting. So I've gotten into the habit of using Remember the Milk consistently to make sure I'm getting stuff done. What I have not been consistent in is actually doing stuff, or planning for stuff. I've slacked. I think I need to recommit to a daily check-in to make sure I'm being at least consistent. Walked 2.8 miles today, read from Starters. Did not get up early enough to do any free step before work. 296 completed so far - goal is 400. (Will get more done tonight.)

Thursday evening - This has been an off two weeks. Lori and I were talking about that tonight. We're not sure why, but things have just not been normal, whatever that means. Unless it's a new normal. Not sure. Either way, it's way too late at night for me to still be up considering the poor sleep we've had the last few nights. 222 completed this week - 26 per day to hit 300.

Monday evening - Got a lot done today. Caught up on a bunch of stuff. So if my goal was 200 in one week, I think it's going to be a stretch to get to 300 in two weeks (yes, last week was that bad).  152 completed, 25 per day to hit 300.

Reading - Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking (Susan Cain)

Sunday evening - This was a week of stuff that wasn't exactly the type of stuff you put on a to do list, but stuff that threw me way off course all week long. Frustrating to be so far off course. The stuff itself wasn't necessarily frustrating (though some was) but I really feel like a need some time off after this week and weekend.

Wednesday evening - Been too busy lately to pay too much attention to this, and too many surprises that don't make good to-do list items. Way behind.

Monday evening - I feel like I'm going to be hard-pressed to get 200 items done this week. Another day with less done than I'd hoped. (165 to go, 28 per day to hit 200.)

Sunday evening - I started the new week later than I had originally intended. I got in a run (first in a long time) and also discovered, diagnosed and ordered parts for a leaking washing machine. So I got less done than I'd hoped, but I think I can still get there. (188 to go, 27 per day to hit 200)

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