Sunday, March 02, 2014

February End

I've gotten out of the habit of posting at the end of each month. I want to get back into that. An incomplete measure for now, here's the summary notes from the month. (We're capturing these in Evernote so we can go back next year and see how life was progressing.)

I don't have stuff like notes on my goals or my favorite posts this month as I haven't gotten back into posting as regularly as I'd like. But I'm working on it.


February 1 - A quite day at home for my birthday, but the children did their best to make it less than pleasant. Seems to be their typical MO for birthdays. Got some cool gifts:

February 2-8 - Rachel and James had a nice time at the pancake breakfast and James signed up to be a WatchDOG on May 12 and June 11. In the afternoon we had the latest Hrivnak appt. It was a good appointment after a really long wait. Then we picked up Rachel from school where she was hanging out with Jenn. Then home. Ben was yawning a lot. He got really mellow and really sleepy and at home, he was just leaning up against Lori watching videos. We checked his temperature and he had a fever. He slept a lot the next few days but never threw up. So no lunch with Lori on Thursday. Friday was date night and because Ben was sick we stayed in. I picked up Magic Wok and it was really good. We watched Foolproof which was decent. Saturday I had iPad training and learned a few things. Saturday night it snowed quite a bit.

February 9 - We missed church because of snow. Watched the message online, that was kinda cool.

February 10-16 - A quiet week, I think. Until Thursday when Ben ate several pills and we were back in the ER where he and James stayed overnight and late into the next day so Ben could be observed. (written over a week later)

February 17-23 - Also a bit of a quiet week, I think. Monday and Tuesday were school holidays. Thursday we received the results of Ben’s re-assessment (every three year). Some encouraging stuff, including the speech pathologist saying that he makes all the right base noises for speech and he chatters a lot to himself, she thinks in time he’ll talk. Snow on Saturday while we made pancakes and bacon and hung out - it was really nice. Sunday James did audio at church and then the Meyers were over for lunch.

February 24-March 2 - We had the IEP on Monday. Again, some positive outcomes and they’re now working on some goals that will lead in to math and reading. We got some ideas for ways we can incorporate the iPad at home, but haven’t had time to work on them. Later in the week the second consultation for Rachel.. braces. Some pre-stuff was installed that day, next appointment in a few weeks. Lori and James had lunch together on Thursday at James’ work. Saturday was spent trying to help Rachel do a book report and a lot of supporting work. Turns out she’d had the whole month to do it and hadn’t done it. The teacher gave her until Monday. Saturday was a struggle, she wasn’t getting it, it was really hard. Eventually she needed a break (and we needed a break) and sent her outside to play. She didn’t like it at first but eventually started swinging. It was wet and rainy so Ben didn’t get to go outside but he really wanted to. After she came back in, things clicked a lot more for her. The next day Lori woke up sick. James and the children went to church without her and then to the store. And then home for a combined birthday with Jeff and Jim (and Hilary and Jean and Jan and Andrew and Nathan and Joshua). It was a nice time, except for the fact that Lori didn’t join us.
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