Sunday, March 02, 2014

Week 48 (Final)

Sunday evening - Squeaked by. 201 done. Harder to get as much done this morning than I'd thought. Partially optimism, partially Lori being sick. Mostly optimism. 28 items that were on my list didn't get done. I still beat 200 by doing stuff that I hadn't originally planned for. I could have checked off more, but I wanted to keep it close to the 3 pm cut-off, even though there was a birthday party today between noon and 3.

Saturday evening - It's always something. Almost wonder why I actually make plans. Perhaps everything should be a nice-to-have. A big derailment today. Family stuff. Not necessarily bad stuff, but not stuff I thought I'd be doing today. Ah well.  C'est la vie. (190 dones this week; 10 to go. I guess at least that's doable.)

Friday evening - Forgot to post last night, almost forgot tonight. I think tomorrow by 10 am we'll finally have a little bit of a chance to rest. Not much as we're having people over on Sunday. (147 completed this week, 2 days to go - 27/day to hit 200. Better to do more tomorrow and less Sunday.)

Wednesday evening - I can't tell if this week is going slowly or quickly. I didn't have much of a chance to breathe today. In some ways, it feels like that's been the case the last few days. It's not been entirely bad, but just non-stop from start to finish, constant movement. Perhaps that's why I feel like I've had decent sleep recently, because there's just nothing left to give. Currently reading - Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain. Watching with Lori: Spy (BBC), by myself: Delete, Invasion: Earth (BBC), Better Off Ted.  (24 completed today, 97 to go - 24/day)

Tuesday evening - Some unplanned stuff tonight, but still managed to get a bunch done. Also watched a number of episodes of Better Off Ted tonight. Such great lines on that show. (30 completed today; 120 to go - 24/day)

Monday evening - We had an appointment at school so I had to do some work this evening but I still managed to get a bunch of stuff done. (31 completed today; 150 to go - 25/day)

Sunday evening - Ok, I'm going to get back to actually doing stuff this week. Because doing stuff is, like, um, good or something. I made a list of everything due in March that's outside of the normal daily type stuff and then I made my usual set-up for the week. My goal will be to close out 200 items by week's end. (19 completed today; 181 to go - 26/day)
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