Monday, October 10, 2011

Pushy Salespeople

I hate those "today only" deals from salespeople.  As a result of one, we are switching from Comcast to CenturyLink and DirecTV.  I'm not convinced that we're going to get a decent signal in the rain from DirecTV ("They launched nine new satellites!" he kept saying) or that they're going to have an easy time setting up the whole house DVR system (more stuff added to our wireless network?).  Or that the prices will remain that good.  Unsure.  On the other hand, I finally talked Lori into getting a Google Voice number after CenturyLink was unable to port over our phone number.  So long 517-THUG.  But, the internet's supposed to be fiber optic, so they swear it'll always be consistently fast.  And we are saving money every month over Comcast.  So that's good.

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