Tuesday, October 11, 2011

500/300 - The Gap Closes

The gap is closing.  At 1.85 miles per day on average, that's barely more than what I needed from the start in order to finish on time.  And that's sad.  We've had some heavy rains the last few nights and I wasn't going to run last night but I posted about the rains and one friend said "So? Run" and the other said "Dude, you live in Seattle. Rain is not an excuse."  I'm paraphrasing, but yes, they made persuasive arguments.  Another later added "Just do it" but I didn't see that until I had just done it.

I ran.  It was a slippery affair with blustery winds off the sound, quite cold, and it was late, so it was a short run.  But it was more than 1.67 miles and I did feel good after I got home. Not that fleeting runner's high, but a more sustained positive feeling.  It seemed kinda new.  I appreciated it.  It gives me a renewed vigor.

They're right.  Rain?  I need to shower afterwards anyhow, so maybe it's more efficient to run in the rain.

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