Thursday, October 20, 2011

CDO and the Thermostat

A little insight into the crazy world that is my insanity.

I'm not into numerology, but the weirdest things that normal, sane people don't give a second thought to, have connotations to me.

I've decided that a fully customizable thermostat for my home or car is one that would let me skip numbers ending in:

1 - it's an odd number.  71?  Can't make up your mind?

3 - it's also an odd number and unnecessary.  72 is the typical accepted preferred temperature by most people.  It's cozy.  You're being obstinate and difficult if you want 73.

4 - if you need it that hot, just go to 75 and be done with it.  Otherwise you're being wishy-washy and unable to commit.  (Yeah, I know.. you think I'm the one that should be committed.)

6 - again, you're fine with 75.  What are you trying to prove with 76?

7 - an odd number.  Odd ending numbers are unsettling.  Except 5 because it serves as a mid-way point.  Which makes it sort of an honorary even number.

9 - also unnecessary.  68 - I get it... you're trying to be economical, you want to avoid drafts but you want to save a little money -- but what are you trying to say with 69?  You're not fooling anyone, cheapskate.  If you really want that next level, just commit to it already and go with 70.

OK, that's all.  Thanks for playing.  (This post is not based on me being frustrated with anyone, just something that's occupied way too much of my time when I'm driving.)
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