Friday, October 28, 2011

The Sift 296-300

The Sift 296: Amazon
  • Amazon lockers come to NYC, no more getting caught by UPS in your PJs
  • Amazon Lets You Manage Your Print Magazine Subscriptions
  • Kindle Touch Disables 3G Web Browsing
  • Californians Get Another Year of Tax-Free Purchases from Amazon
  • Ad-supported Kindle 4 has built-in $30 "upgrade", gets rid of embedded special offers

The Sift 297: Cars
  • DeLorean DMC-12 EV announced for 2013 production, Doc Brown's whip gets real... electric
  • Waze 3.0 brings foursquare searching
  • Peugeot’s Future Car is Called "World’s First Diesel Hybrid"
  • U.S. Army Could Replace the Humvee with the Diesel Hybrid L-ATV
  • Consider an Auto Auction for a Great Deal on a Used Car

The Sift 298: Email
  • New in Labs: Preview Pane
  • How Does Your Email Closing Line Come Off?
  • Where Are Subscribers Opening Email?
  • Low-cost airlines do the best job of acquiring email addresses; more mature airlines lag
  • Anatomy of a Perfect Mobile Email

The Sift 299: Entertainment, Technology, Fun and Games
  • Sony to recall 1.6 million Bravia TVs due to melting components (update: not a full recall)
  • Libraries Fight Back: Ebook Checkouts Up 200%
  • YouTube extends movie rental service to the UK
  • Sony locks 93,000 PSN and SOE accounts due to 'massive' hack attempt
  • The Muppets Official Trailer 2

The Sift 300: Finances, Banking, Business and Acquisition
  • Great, Unusual Alternatives to Banks Charging High Debit Card and Monthly Fees
  • MasterCard demos Google Wallet, QkR platform for mobile payments
  • Where to Turn in the Wake of Debit Card Fees
  • Should I Take Advantage of Credit Card Balance Transfer Offers?
  • Discover Card Brings Back One-Time Use Credit Card Numbers

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