Friday, July 08, 2011

#trust30: Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose by Tanner Christensen

“Self-censorship is not just self-betrayal and self-abandonment (which would be bad enough), but soul-betrayal and betrayal of our Muse, out inner voice, our highest self.”

Too often we censor ourselves, our actions, and our work in hope or fear of what might happen if we otherwise don’t. What words would you write today, and what actions would you take, if you had nothing to fear, nothing to lose?

(Author: Tanner Christensen)
This is a bit bogus.  Although it feels like it's possible to spin.  There's still a big if there and a big would.  So this really isn't a question of actually acting as if there was nothing to lose but just thinking about what it would be like if there was nothing to lose.  I would write about people-type issues at work and what's wrong and how I would change them.  Of course, it would still feel futile, the only tool in my arsenal for this particular problem is patience.
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