Saturday, July 09, 2011

Rethink Chase

Well, now, this is a disappointing story with enough blame to go around for a lot of people, but mostly Chase and a little bit the Auburn Police Department.

Since his car was auctioned off, the police department needs to look at other cars about to be auctioned (of greater value than his car) and give it to him.  Along with a big fat apology for the circumstances.  And the police department needs to make it a policy that if someone has an active cases open where people are in jail - that someone else checks the voicemail while someone is out.  Duh.

Chase needs to apologize and compensate him in some way. (If the police won't give him a car, maybe they can give him a car and some money.) The guy spent four days in jail.  They need to round up their lawyers and huddle.  They need to fast-track this and go public on social media about how they're addressing this.  (Have they looked at #chase lately?)

This is a disappointing comedy of errors and Chase needs to do the right thing.

Updated with link.  Duh.  Sorry.
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