Friday, July 29, 2011

The Sift 196-200

The Sift 196: Cars
  • Alfa Romeo’s 4C Will Add a Gorgeous Green Edge to Motoring
  • Yana Briggs’ Sexy Chevy Era Concept Cleans Up Polluted City Air
  • BMW, Porsche, others announce support for HomePlug's EV networking spec
  • Tesla Motors Announces It Will Stop Production of the Roadster Electric Sports Car
  • Obama Calls for 56.2 MPG Fuel Efficiency Mandate by 2025

The Sift 197: Infographics
  • If San Francisco Crime was Elevation
  • Job Growth/Loss by Month on map for top 100 MSAs
  • The Expat Explorer Survey: Comparing Countries by People Living Abroad
  • The Connected States of America (multiple)
  • Cat People vs. Dog People: What Our Pets Say About Us

The Sift 198: Amazon
  • Kindle Books Now Outselling Real Books on Amazon
  • Amazon Looks To Build Full-Fledged Publishing House
  • Apple's request for preliminary injunction denied, Amazon's Appstore needs no alias
  • Amazon Cloud Player hits iPad, adds unlimited storage, scoffs at constrained competition

The Sift 199: Brain, People and Thought Leadership
  • You Better T.H.I.N.K.
  • Experiments are different than failures
  • Who Is In Charge of Being Nice to Little Kids?
  • Prepare Yourself for the Unexpected by Pretending You’re an Expert
  • Matt Cutts: Try Something New for 30 Days (Video)

The Sift 200: Entertainment and Technology
  • Blockbuster: Please, Please Change Your Habits
  • DVD Hacks Database Contains Instructions to Unlock Region-Free Mode for Hundreds of DVD Players
  • Japanese Robo-Suit To Help Paralyzed Man Visit France
  • Quadrocopters: blooper reel edition
  • EU Invests $6.2 Million in Research to Develop Futuristic Flying Cars

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