Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Sift 171-175

The Sift 171: Odds and Ends

  • Reframe: Beacon Hill’s Fire Station No. 15
  • Self-healing polymer serves up quick fixes under UV rays
  • RIP Typewriters: Last Manufacturer Closes Its Doors
  • BodyGuard stun-glove leaps out of comic books, into the arms of LA Sheriff's Department


The Sift 172: Entertainment and Technology

  • The Netflix Effect? DVD Sales Fall 20%
  • AT&T's new cell tower can fit in a suitcase, help restore networks after natural disasters
  • Netflix Too Big to Fail?
  • Redbox will offer $2 per day videogame rentals nationwide in June
  • The Future of TV: Why Broadcast Needs to Adapt


The Sift 173: Apple

  • Alaska Airlines Replaces Flight Manuals with iPads
  • Apple camera patent could stop smartphone bootleggers in their tracks
  • Apple brings iWork to iPhone and iPod touch
  • Apple investigating dynamic location-, traffic-aware iPhone calendar alerts
  • iPad Has 53x the Browser Share of its Nearest Competitor


The Sift 174: Architecture, Design, Fashion and Style

  • Gates Foundation campus: Can everyday function and global ambition coexist?
  • All Azure: The Monochromatic City of Chefchaoen, Morocco
  • Fashion Designer Derek Lam’s Crowd-Selected eBay Collection Goes on Sale
  • Whose Size 8 Are You Wearing? - infographic
  • Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization


The Sift 175: Cars

  • Jaguar Confirms Plans To Build Fastest Jaguar Ever: Hybrid C-X75 Supercar
  • Getaround car sharing service goes live, rent out your ride with an iPhone app and car kit
  • Hyundai Announces It Will Offer Plug-in Hybrid in 2013
  • Can I See Your License, Registration and C.P.U.?
  • GM CEO Calls for $1 Gas Tax Increase in the United States


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