Saturday, July 02, 2011

Godin's Adopt vs. Adapt (A Work-Related Post)

I sent Seth Godin's recent post Adopt vs. Adapt to my staff recently.

Conversation ensued. There was a lot of frustration because it's felt that a lot of what we do is adapt.

I had to work it another way for them:

*Adapt = following, reacting, being pulled*
Adapt is handed to you and you don't get a say.
Adapting is sending the same campaign after campaign and doing standard reporting.
Adapting is doing the job handed to you.

*Adopt = leadering, pioneering, pulling, proactive*
Adopting is stepping out and saying "We're gonna do this."
Adopting is testing, improving, creating new self-service options to help customers do their own reporting and see the damage they're doing to their own file when they send underwhelming campaigns.
Adopting is demanding the time to get out in front and do the job no one else yet realizes is needed.
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