Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Sift 186-190

The Sift 186: Uncluttering
  • Use Side ‘Procrastination Projects’ to Become More Productive
  • Treat Personal Internet Use Like a Coffee Break to Get More Done
  • Resolved: How to Keep Your Computer Safe, Clean, and Backed Up in 2011
  • Finding solutions to disorder by identifying the causes of disorder
  • California stops automatic phone book delivery following pressure from Verizon

The Sift 187: Web Developement
  • Wow. What's possible with HTML5
  • Introducing Search engines come together for a richer web
  • 9 Well-Designed User Registration Pages To Learn From
  • Customize Your FavIcon in Blogger
  • Chrome 14 Blocks Insecure JavaScript

The Sift 188: Email
  • Friends to Gmail Exports Your Facebook Contacts into Google Contacts
  • 3 Labs graduations, 1 retirement
  • Email checklist (maybe this time it'll work!)
  • The History of Email [INFOGRAPHIC]
  • Protect yourself from scams by knowing who really emailed you

The Sift 189: Advertising, Marketing, News and Media
  • Social Media Has Little Impact on Online Retail Purchases [STUDY]
  • 9 Viral Videos That Are Actually Advertising
  • Former NPR CEO Named Chief Digital Officer of NBC News
  • Wikipedia’s New Love Button Will Let You Send Kittens or Beer to Others

The Sift 190: Finances, Banking, Business and Acquisition
  • Microsoft, Facebook, RIM, and others write to the FCC in support of AT&T-Mobile merger
  • What is NFC, and why do we care?
  • SageTV HTPC software acquired by Google, next stop Google TV?
  • Google's New Currency Converter
  • MySpace Sold to Ad Network for $35 Million

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