Thursday, October 28, 2010

Odds and Ends 62


GOOGLE -- The World is Full of Interesting Things - 120 slides of videos and websites and art and stuff. (Plan some time before visiting this link.)


CNET NEWS -- Empire State Building refaced for savings


MASHABLE -- What Kind of Geek Are You?


INHABIT -- Microbes in the Gulf May Eat More Gas Than Previously Thought


HOLLAND AMERICA -- Sweepstakes for a 7-day Alaska cruise (does mean requesting a copy of the Alaska vacation planner)


CROSSCUT -- Checking in on Seattle's Giving -- Seattle (at 7) is one of 15 cities worldwide with more than 5 charities in Chronicle of Philantropy Top 400.


ENGADGET -- Bus that travels over traffic longs for US embrace, designer seeks stateside collaborators

-8-10- Videos after the break... Bashed bumblebee, mimic robot and lego creation builds lego creations


Ooops. Guess he transformed into a wreck.



-10- VIDEO

When it starts creating more of itself, then we need to worry. Of course, at that speed, we'll have a few years' warning.

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