Monday, October 18, 2010

Banned by the man named 'Stan

My friend writes to inform me that he is no longer able to read my blog in Kazakhstan where he currently lives. Apparently at his home, it along with every other blog on is banned. At his work, situated in a government building (he doesn't work for the government), many sites are accessible (don't you love that? Power to itself, not the people.) but mine is verboten.

Curses, I cried, that cuts my readership in half.

Of course, he still reads my blog in a method completely legal and above board and approved by the powers that be in the KZ. I won't explain the method lest I ruin it for the entire country.

But it does not bode well for my friend living in France and preparing to move to China.

So, dead readers, I'll pose it to you... why am I blocked in Kazakhstan? My pro-Google stance? My anti-United/Sprint/AOL/Blockbuster stance? I think I've reported favorably on rocket launches from KZ. Or possibly my all-too-infrequent nod to my faith in God and Jesus Christ?
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