Monday, October 11, 2010

Looking at Isaiah

So we read the Bible with our children. With Rachel we've read all the way through and then we moved onto some devotional books. At the end of the school year, she was given a Bible at church, so we started over and have read that, a little each night, alongside the current devotional book. We're in Exodus with her.

With Ben, we're into Isaiah. I think we're going at a little slower pace than we did with Rachel, because too many nights when we're getting Ben ready for bed, he's too distraught, too "done with the day" to really be read to. I know he can't exactly understand what we're reading about, but when he gets like that, even trying to just sit there and read to him would be tough on the reader and not really even be enjoyable for him.

But for whatever reason, with this read-through, I'm finding myself a little more intrigued by Isaiah. At work, our new year has started, which means it's time to come up with new SMART Goals and one of them will undoubtedly be spiritually focused. Not sure if I can turn it into one or not, but I think it's time I study Isaiah, even if it's not a work-related goal.

So, today I read Wikipedia's accounts of Isaiah and over the coming weeks, I'm going to dive in and read Isaiah and study other commentaries and maybe even get a few books on the book.

Isaiah 1 starts with a strong admonishment by the prophet* Isaiah after a brief introduction that says Isaiah is the son of Amoz and served as a prophet during the time of the kings Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah. (* Judaism, Christianity and Islam all recognize Isaiah as a prophet, though he is not mentioned in the Qu'ran.)

Isaiah 1 (NIV), Isaiah (wikipedia) and Isaiah in Rabbinic Literature (wikipedia)
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