Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Odds and Ends 58


MASHABLE -- - 65% of people think President Obama is out of touch (and other facts)


INHABIT -- Ancient Italian town completely powered by renewable energy - has allowed it to eliminate local taxes, among other things.


NICE ONE -- Flight and Expulsion - cool interactive guide to citizenship changes - especially the "Connections" tab


LIFEHACKER -- What "Free Public Wi-Fi" is and why you should avoid it


SETH GODIN -- Heroes and Mentors


SEATTLE TIMES -- 'Walking school bus' is on a roll


CNET NEWS -- Amazon launching mini e-book section: Kindle Singles

-8-10- Videos after the break... surfing fail, The Depressions, self-driving car.


Surfing fail from Fail Blog.

Click to see larger.


Well, not that's depressing. And amazing it made it to air.

-10- VIDEO

TU Brunschweig's autonomous car. Part with map at very very end was probably the coolest part.

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