Sunday, October 10, 2010

Odds and Ends 57


MASHABLE -- Analysis of Dating Site Profiles Reveals Interests of Different Races - fascinating photo gallery


INHABIT -- Volvo's Tomorrow Car Has Battery Powered By Its Own Body


ENGADGET -- MIT Medical Lab Mirror tells your pulse with a webcam


SEATTLESCAPE -- Ok, Build Your Tunnel


MSNBC -- A day in the life of the trapped Chilean miners


CNET -- Philly subway to capture energy from braking trains


MASHABLE -- The Tangled Web of Lawsuits in Mobile - includes an infographic of who's suing who. Slightly amusing.


UNCLUTTERER -- Ask Unclutterer: Design ideas for odd space above kitchen cabinets - I liked people's suggestions better - like how to keep it clean (laying down newspapers or towels) or make it interesting (lights, small candles)


GOOGLE -- What We're Driving At - apparently Google's also making cars that drive by themselves


SEATTLE TRANSIT BLOG -- The Lewis-McChord Conundrum - some great discussion in the comments.
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