Monday, June 28, 2010

Couples Only

So one of the things I do around the house is I run the laundry.  I don't know how it ended up being my role, but it's probably protecting me from some of the more unpleasant chores that Lori could ask me to do.

And by run the laundry I mean I sort it into piles (the sorting wasn't a skill I brought into marriage) and then I run the machines.  Maybe because they're large, have digital displays and I can set stuff on a timer.   And because we all know I like creating order out of chaos. This is close... creating clean out of dirty.  Plus, self-preservation.  I rarely run out of the stuff I need.

But probably mostly because I know it helps but is somewhat easy.  Easy because I don't do much of the folding or hardly any of the putting away.

But the worst?  Socks.  Socks are evil.
 Until I remembered something we had as a kid and wondered if such a thing still existed.  Sock Rings.  Sock rings bind together a set of socks so they stay together through the washer and dryer.   So my rule is that if there isn't a pair, they don't go in.  I have big box in the laundry room full of unmatched socks.  So if people didn't put their socks together when they put them in the laundry pile (that's Rachel's job, taking the laundry to the laundry room), then they don't get washed.

But it's probably sock rings as the reason that I'm still perfectly fine to take care of the laundry because I don't have to worry about the danged socks.

In a weird way, it was one of the first forward planning we did.. when we bought them, we bought a five pack.  I wasn't paid to post this, but here's where you can get your own...  If for nothing else, check out this horribly outdated website.
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