Sunday, June 06, 2010

Odds and Ends 29


ENGADGET -- Kaoiro emoticon stamp turns bureaucracy on its head ha


MASHABLE -- 5 Ways to Monetize the Future of News Media - Not sure the word "successful" should be implied. If nothing else, speaks to the danger facing the print medium.


KANSAS CITY STAR -- ‘Law & Order,’ ‘24’ and ‘Lost’: Three defining dramas bow out


ENGLISH RUSSIA -- The Most Unusual Metro In The World -- photoshoot from a guy building his own subway system


SETH GODIN -- The distraction, the tail and the dog


MASHABLE -- PETA: Pit Bulls and “Mafia Wars” Don’t Mix - From the "What Were They Thinking?" file, Zynga, publishers of the annoyingly constantly advertised Mafia Wars (I feel like I'm constantly thumbs-downing their ads on Facebook) added (and subsequently removed in light of harsh criticisms and game defections) Pit Bulls as a type of weapon in their game.


ENGADGET -- Boy Scouts introduce videogame badge, other badges ask 'Really?'


This is so cool. Why? Because this really is the fastest car. I made the same car in Cub Scouts and it did beat all the little sleek wedges that other kids' dads made. Of course, mine had a really awesome Space Shuttle sticker on it so that was so big the car had little wings.


Well, now... that's interesting. This *must* be intentional.

Part 1:

Part 2:

-10- VIDEO

Well done. (Chill, fanboys, I mean the movie, not necessarily what happens.)

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