Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Higher Standard

It's no secret that I hold certain people to a higher standard. I don't think about it much until they fail that standard. Today someone that I do hold in really high standard said something in my hearing that was rather in appropriate. It was an off the cuff joke. It wasn't like an HR moment or anything, but it was still quite disappointing. I was in a place I wouldn't normally be and they knew I was nearby. I wasn't part of the conversation and but they also weren't in a private location.

The other instance was a few years ago, a very frustrating person would regularly come around talk to us while we worked. We worked hard to tolerate this person. They meant well, they just had no idea how they came across. But once a I heard someone describe that person in a way that was incredibly unbecoming of the person uttered the description.

I know it's a tough line being held to a higher standard that you don't even know about and cryptically referred to in a blog you'll never read.

But if you should be held to a high standard, hold it when you're around me.
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