Saturday, June 12, 2010

Odds and Ends 31


MSNBC -- Saunas, massage help in hunt for pirates - Isn't stealing another ship's mascot a form of piracy?


I, CRINGELY -- Imperial Oil - Why BP's failing and even scarier news that's not being reported anywhere else.


ENGADGET -- HP teams with Google to give connected printers their own email address - would make it easier to print snapshots from your phone or print from cloud-based apps like Google Docs


CHROMIUM -- An update on Google Cloud Print... or maybe HP's proposal is unnecessary


SCOBILIZER -- Foursquare’s Yelp problem (they just got time to figure it all out)


WSPA -- Ricky Gervais on Bullfighting: "Enough is Enough"

-7 through 10-

* 7 - Slideshow - What's coming in Firefox 4
* 8 - Video - Humor - from Patrick - introducing Microsoft Paint
* 9 - Video - Very cool. Transforming furniture.
* 10 - Video - what happens when you microwave an iPad?


Even though I've pretty much moved on to Chrome, here's a look at what's coming in Firefox 4.


From Patrick.


Secret, transforming furniture. Very slick. If we ever decide to downsize but want to still have lots of flexibility, I'm checking out this company. (If you watch until almost the end, don't tune out when he starts talking, there's more cool stuff to be seen.)

-10- VIDEO

Microwaved iPad. Skip to 3:30 where they start the microwave and if you get bored, to 6:30 where it gets pretty darned interesting.

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