Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Last Candy

Years past, my resolutions have been along the variety of "I resolve not to make resolutions." or "I resolve to change nothing." or even more recently "I resolve to be even awesomer in the coming year."

No, this year, I decided concrete goals were the way to go, and this year, I'm going to stick to them. Last year, I kinda fizzled and forgot to keep going on my goals, and they weren't really all that concrete.

So, I've kicked off More Cake 4, this time combining it with a my other goals and starting a special blog just to chronicle the next year. Why do it there and not here? I'm not really sure, but I thought it would be interesting to capture a separate snapshot for the year, just of my goals.

The first 100 jumping jacks are done, the candy has all been dumped on the conference room table at work and I've informed Lori that the rest of the sweet stuff in the house is hers to get rid of.

To the new year, cheers.
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