Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Too Early

I did not want to get up this morning. For some reason, the little one was up a few times during the 5 am hour asking for a "nose wipe" and telling us her "tummy was rumbly." Now the nose wipe she can typically take care of herself, so not sure what's up with that. The rumbly tummy is because she consistently refuses to eat more than a few bites at dinner. So we usually leave a small bowl of saltines and a sippy cup of water on her dresser at night. But I guess we forgot last night. Lori was gracious to get up with her each time. I was prepared to get up the second time she came in, but Lori was up like a flash.

It's snowed a little bit outside. When I first looked at 3, all of the non-street areas that I could see were white. When I looked just now before coming downstairs, my neighbor's pathstones were visible, little round dots intersecting his yard. I guess that means that it's not very deep. I can't tell what condition the steep street is in, I'm guessing slippery and icy. I hope I have time to shovel my side of the drive before I leave.

But that all depends. My mother-in-law is still staying with us. I've stayed quiet on the whole situation on here until now. Anyhow, the relevance? Lori has to park her car outside because the mil says that her car might not start if it's parked outside. Not a request, just a declarative statement that she made - she gets to park in the garage. And she leaves first each morning, going to a class that will hopefully make her more employable. (Since sitting on our couch, venturing out of the house occasionally to get new books from the library, for the past five months hasn't landed her a job.) Which means that she has to move Lori's car before she can leave. If she moves Lori's car to the street, then my side will be untouched and I can shovel it quickly. If she moves Lori's car to my side of the driveway, I'll then have to move Lori's car and the snow will be compacted and unshovelable. We shall see.

I really debated trying to go back to sleep this morning, even going so far as to set my second alarm. But after 10 minutes of laying there, I realized that was a fruitless pursuit. Instead of going back to sleep, I was feeling guilty for not riding and thinking of how the commute would take longer and it would be too cold to do laps before work and that I was not making any progress towards my goals by sleeping. I really should have made a goal of sleeping more per night. That would have been a better goal than losing weight. And I think I read somewhere about sleeping more can help you lose weight. I should just give up exercising and try to get 10 hours of sleep a night and watch those pounds just roll off.

Yeah. Right.
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