Thursday, January 03, 2008


The light in the center of the ceiling is inadequate for the room. A slightly ornate fixture, it hangs down from the ceiling. An inverted mottled glass bowl designed to look old hangs from three curved silver arms that join at the bottom to a circle. The pattern of light projected on the ceiling has almost a shamrock appearance to it, with the placement of the bulbs casting uneven light, shadows created by the intersection of the arms. Too small to be considered a chandelier, from this distance it has almost the appearance of a large, fanciful mushroom. The ceiling is a tan color. In bright daylight, it's a rather attractive color. But lit only by the single fixture, it appears dingy. The room is tall. The ceiling's tan color extends down the wall a foot and a half, an attempt to fool you into thinking the room is shorter than it is. Moudling, poorly affixed to the wall creates a separation, below which the walls are your standard Swiss Coffee white. In one corner, a small desk holding a computer, with a large file cabinet beside. Several trash cans sit in front of the file cabinets with with printed labels affixed to them announcing "Trash," "Rececling," and "Shred." Atop the file cabinet, a scanner and several empty Christmas light boxes. A large, green leather couch takes up most of one wall. A blanket has been spread across the cushions. At one edge, a cat sits, compact, staring. At the other end, unashamed, a cat cleans itself in a most inappropriate matter. Above the couch, a large window covered by long deep burgundy curtains. Behind the couch, a third cat smacks at a toy. Two other walls are dominated by storage boxes labelled "Christmas", some mismatched furniture, a large TV and a door. On top of the furniture are more boxes, cleaning interrupted. The final wall is mostly just a big sliding glass door, covered by deep burgundy curtains. Next to it, a bookcase filled with board games, an exercise bike and more storage containers with a laptop, a sudoku book and a box of Kleenex perched on top. At the center of the room you see several large piles, green tangles of Christmas lights. A wooden coffee table sits in front of the couch holding several remotes, a few DVDs and a book. In front of the sliding glass door, two large green carpets.

Frankly, this room is a mess.
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