Friday, January 11, 2008

For Starbucks Only

If you do not work for Starbucks, please disregard this post. (Especially if you work for Tully's.. don't read this!)

Dear Starbucks, as you can see from the attached map, you have three locations in the area of Federal Way that I've highlighted. However, due to Interstate 5 and the traffic it creates on surface streets and the 18, they might as well be in another state. Please consider this a request to explore the idea of opening a "rest stop" for all of us working east of the freeway, preferably in the southern region. I have seen examples of Starbucks inside office complexes, my favorite being the one building at at Kenwood between Alameda and Riverside in Burbank. I do believe it would be big hit with the students at DeVry and the professionals at Weyerhauser, World Vision and other large office buildings in the area.
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