Friday, July 20, 2007

Random Thoughts

Well, it's begun. Lori is off to Borders with her wristband. Harry #7 is imminent. (A few weeks ago a new item showed up on mine and Rachel's and Lori's calendars; Lori had scheduled a daddy/daughter day for us and a leave-me-alone-I'm-reading-Harry-Potter day for herself. Though it was obviously worded nicer.)

We went paintballing today. I am have nasty welts on my leg from a cheater. He should have some nasty welts center mass. The funny thing is he's newly married. He can keep his cheating in mind when he tries to hug his new wife. But it was a lot of fun. And extremely messy because of the rain.

I've been enjoying (look for the link in the upper-right corner of my blog to get an invite). Sadly, it seems to be down at the moment.

A co-worker, Todd, dressed in his best approximation of a Harry Potter character for work today. Only his tie was gold and blue. Loser. He has red hair and so every one was calling him Weasley. I think I shall call him that from now on. I snapped a photo with my phone but it was refusing to send.

I have over 100 posts in my reader. I kinda don't feel like cleaning it out.

It's raining right now I think. If so, it's very little.
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