Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I am behind!

I'm not ignoring you. I am behind on my email (Gmail won't tell me how many are unread, it just says "hundreds"), I've been swamped at work (I got promoted and I'm being loaned to another group on top of that). With only 4 days left -- I originally had over a years' advance notice -- I still have a best man speech to write. I am caught up on my Reader (I finished Harry Potter, Adrea!) but I have a million starred items that warrant more indept study. And I'm fielding interviews... my graffiti website got picked up by The Federal Way Mirror and from there it was featured on KIRO TV and then this last weekend, The New York Times, The International Herald Times, The Wall Street Journal Online, Media Post, numerous blogs and tomorrow evening I have an interview (including a photograph) tomorrow with The Tacoma News Tribune. Speaking of that site, I'm behind in my updates. And I need to plan some meetings for my church as part of my role in a capital campaign my church is embarking on. And I've just agreed to start working on my church's website. It's just never ending!
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