Friday, July 06, 2007

Anybody Home?

Last night I was dreaming I was in some sort of classroom. The teacher was telling us about a woman, deceased, who was to be put on permanent display in a field. The woman (an actor) and the field were apparently important to some sci-fi movement. The woman had been buried normally in her home country during a time of war. But now that there was peace in her land, she had been dug up and was now on display in this field where geeks would make their pilgrimages to pay their respect. Naturally, all of us in the class thought it was a really bad idea. (Creepy, even.) It would have been another random dream for me except that at one point, I was looking around the room and saw Jamie Anderson sitting on the other side of the room. I didn't have a chance to talk to her, but when I later woke up, I realized it's been a long time since I've posted this.

So... if you're on this list, I'm curious to hear what you're up to, what's new in your life. These are all the people I've lost contact over time. In alphabetical order, except Becki who goes to the top of the list. If you're on this list and want to reconnect, email me at tvjames @ gmail . com
  • Becki Brunelli - you found one of my previous posts, left a comment saying to get in touch but left no way for me to get in touch. (P.S. I'm not the only one looking for you. Some traffic last month with people looking for you.)
  • Jamie Anderson - Pacific Lutheran University, The Mast, now Idaho or something?
  • Frank Anino - Warner Bros. Online
  • Andrew Alexander - Washington, D.C. - received your card, responded via email as requested, haven't heard back. Hope married life is treating you well!
  • Patty Armstrong aka Patty Hoem see also Patty and Hayden - last seen during Christmas break 1995
  • Paul Bates - Bethel Lutheran Church
  • Barbara Beckinghausen - Swormville, Amherst, SUNY Fredonia
  • Shannon Carvey - University of Washington, Silverdale Lutheran Church
  • Tighe and Susan Carvey - Little Caesar's
  • Wendy Ehrlich - tried writing to her a year ago, no response... she may not want to be found, not sure I blame her, I took the layoff hard. But I didn't blame her.
  • Eric Funk - former DJ, KPLZ, sorry, I mean STAR 101.5
  • Darice Good - thespian
  • Holly Grellier - last seen in Sacramento, 1998
  • Doug Hahn - Portland?
  • Pastor Robert Hoem - now a shared pastor at a few small Lutheran churches in NW Washington?
  • Paul Edwards aka Todd Ireland - you wrote a few years ago asking if it was ok to get back in touch. Haven't heard from you since.
  • Kathleen and Susan Jacot - Pacific Lutheran University
  • Scott Kim - got laid off on that same fateful day at Warner Bros.
  • Glenn Krauss - El Camino
  • Dexter Lo - Lake Avenue Church
  • Carol Maakestad - formerly of Silverdale Lutheran Church, last seen teaching at a school in North King County during Christmas break 1995 when I was taking the last of my stuff from home back to school with me
  • Richard Mar - Olympic High School
  • Eric McGraw - last seen probably on graduation day from high school.
  • Marshall B. "M.B." Miller IV
  • Jamey Peterson - last heard from by mail in late 2000. South Kitsap High School (Jamey - I'm not the only one looking for you... I've been getting some links in recently from someone else trying to find you.)
  • Amy Reynolds - now married, that was her maiden name
  • Jeff Rowe - UltimateTV, NBC. AOL?
  • Chris Wilkinson - Silverdale Lutheran Church
  • Robin - from SLC... can someone remind me of her last name?
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