Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I know I mentioned this briefly on Twitter and Facebook a few days ago but I never got around to actually detailing what happened. I got called into a conference room for an unscheduled meeting a few weeks ago. We've been in a perpetual state of reorganization for a few weeks now. I thought the dust had settled, but it hadn't. I was now being asked to lead my team as we moved over to a new group. My boss was getting kicked up to a new role. So, I said sure. My boss assured me that he'd take a lot of his meetings with him to the new role and I suspect a lot of the international travel as well, which is fine with me because I'd rather stay home with my family.

They said it would take place at the end of July, but they wanted to announce it quickly, they just needed one more (my boss' boss' boss' boss') sign-off. They didn't get it from him before my boss went on vacation for a week.

So as soon as they came back, they called our team and our sister team, made the announcement and then didn't say when it was effective. (I'd later find out it was effective as of the announcement during that meeting.)

My boss cannot stop smiling when he tells people that I'm now in the role and he's not. It's hard not to believe that he didn't know about all the mess that's come down since the transition, but I can tell that he didn't. He's basically acting as a consultant to me, still attending a lot of meetings and lending institutional knowledge that I lack. It's been very helpful.

So, it's kind of exciting. On the other hand, I'll now be responsible for giving appraisals and stuff and I haven't been there long enough yet to even have had one done on me, so I'm really going to be flying blind.

So, in my post-college professional career (not counting Blockbuster and the temp. jobs), the score stands at 5-2. Jobs that existed before I held them: 2. Jobs that were created and then offered to me: 5.

I'd wonder if that meant I'm a non-conformist, unable to do the job set before me, but in the two cases where I came into existing jobs, one I temped at for 2 months, worked it for 11 months and then got kicked up. The other I temped at for 5 months, worked it for 2 months, got kicked up, did that for maybe 6 months and got kicked up again.

So now I am the Manager of Email Something. It might be Marketing, it might be Production. I guess that's still open to discussion.

In other news, it's been raining most of the day. A soft rain. But it's still been warm enough to have the windows open at home. So everything smells fresh. And I got a haircut. So things are good.
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