Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Rising gasoline prices spur thefts, violence

MSNBC.COM -- I know I've thought of how gratifying it would be to throw a brick through the window of a gas station in the neighborhood charging over $2.80 a gallon, but now I feel really bad that it even entered my mind (anyone who knows me knows I'd never actually throw a brick through a window because I'd overanalyze my escape route and planning until it required at least three cars, two wigs and was completely unworkable).

Some guy in Alabama filled his tank and then decided not to pay. The gas station owner tried to chase the driver down and ended up getting run over and killed. Apparently profits to station owners can be as little as a penny a gallon. I'm predicting that we will see more stations close as prices rise and that in turn will lead to the remaining stations taking advantange and raising prices even more.
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