Monday, August 01, 2005

Desperately Seeking Susan

Actually, I'm not, she's (formerly known as Susan Cabrillo) in San Francisco, happily married, running her own headhunter business for the medical industry and apparently very successful.

But so many others I've wondered about, I don't know where they are.

I dreamt about Holly again last night. We were sitting in a classroom openly talking about what we thought was the field arrangement of some sport. There was a computer nearby that I could have leaned over and typed in the sport's name and found out exactly what the position was, but we were already openly talking and I thought that would have pushed us over the limit with the teacher who was currently ignoring our disrespect. Now, having awoken, I'm convinced the sport doesn't exist, that it was just made up in my head.

Holly shows up in a dream of mine every six to twelve months. Never sexual, never physical, never romantic. We just hang out and talk, or sometimes we just briefly pass in the dream and she gets maybe only a few seconds screen time.

She wasn't the one that got away, in fact I can't even remember if we actually ever went on a date. But, for me, she's come to symbolize nostalgia. Every time she pops up, I go to Google and start looking for all kinds of people from years' past. Last time I did that, I learned of Josey Peterson's death, so I really don't feel like searching for people. Plus, by now I've realized that a lot of these people live their lives off the grid, out of the spotlight because they're not involved in activities that end up publicized on the web, or aren't using the internet as a vanity pool for self-promotion.

So, this time around, I'm just going to list people I'd like to hear from. Maybe they'll search for their own name and come across this list. I intend to repost it frequently so that it's always fresh on this blog. In some cases, I could find these people by calling their parents back home, or by calling my parents, but (a) what's the fun in that, (b) I'm too lazy, (c) that's too weird and (d) maybe they don't want to hear from me.. that's fine. Plus, I could also check my colleges' alumni website, but that's not entirely acurate... for instance, according to them, I am a Dr. and an Esq. and I hold a PhD in Microrobotics from MIT.

I have but a few brief moments today, so the list will have people missing and very little info about why I'm hoping to make contact with them.

And here's some search words for Google, to get us started... Washington, Bremerton and Port Orchard and Silverdale. Tracyton Elementary School and then Fairview Jr. High School and then Olympic High School and finally Pacific Lutheran University. Oh, and Little Caesar's Pizza! Pizza! I guess I'd be remiss if I didn't also mention South Kitsap High School, Central Kitsap High School, Bethel Lutheran Church and Warner Bros. Online. And for search purposes, James Lamb. Oh, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ultimate TV, UltimateTV, TV Net, UTV and the WB Network.

In no particular order...

1. Eric McGraw - last seen probably on graduation day from high school.
2. Glenn Krauss - El Camino
3. Holly Grellier - San Francisco
4. Jamey Peterson
5. Wendy Ehrlich
6. Becki Brunelli
7. Shannon Carvey
8. Tighe and Susan Carvey
9. Marshall B. "M.B." Miller IV
10. Robin something who liked cows
11. Chris Wilkinson
12. Doug Hahn
13. Andrew Alexander - Washington, D.C.
14. Adam Bargmeyer - Microsoft or Boeing ?
15. Darice Good - thespian ?
16. Paul Bates
17. Deryk Stilwell
18. Andrew Eichner
19. Patty Armstrong / Patty Hoem / Patty and Hayden
20. Richard Mar
21. Jamie Anderson
22. Kathleen or Susan Jacot
23. Joe Pennington ha ha just kidding. you suck, dude.
24. Scott Kim
25. Brian Fischer. Duh. Sorry, you should be right up there at the top with Glenn and Eric.
26. Eric Funk
27. Carol Maakestad - another duh, you should be at the top of the list
28. Pastor Robert Hoem

This is an incomplete list.
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