Sunday, April 20, 2014

Week 55 (Final)

Sunday 9:50 pm -- This was a good week. I feel like I got it back in gear. Except for lots of days not watching my calories. Last night's sleep was horrible and I didn't know if we were going to make it to church. We did, quite late, but Ben did well, the message was good, and then we had family and friends over for Easter dinner. Then we all went outside and worked in the yard. Well, Rachel sat on a blanket and ate dinner and Ben ran around and ate some dirt, but it was nice all being outside together. Ben had a lot of expressive language and showed some great comprehension today. I was impressed.
Ended the week with 248 done. I may be counting some stuff a little differently this time around, but at least I'm not slacking. Now, I need to try to figure out how to make the most important stuff the most important, instead of only doing the smallest, easiest - because that doesn't mean getting ahead.

Saturday 10:40 pm -- Missed a day again. Yesterday didn't do a lot of the types of stuff that make it onto a checklist. Went for a walk at the Rhododendron Garden with the family, had lunch together, watched a movie together. Stuff like that. Was a nice day with nice weather. Today there were a few brief moments of brilliant sunshine, but mostly it vacillated between heavy rain and even heavier rain. Ben had his haircut today, mostly with me out of the room which was phenomenal. He was a bit more pleasant to be around for the most part, but he's still being more aggressive. Today I got a lot done but didn't stay on my calories, not that that's really anything new. Sleep was poor last night, hoping it will be better tonight. Got a lot done today. 237 completed so far for the week, including some stuff that I've been putting off forever, like getting some photos uploaded to Flickr and some book reviews written for the blog.

Thursday 10:20 pm -- End of the week. Phew. Had a nice dinner at Ben's school today with some of Ben's classmates and their siblings and parents and teachers. Tired. Grateful for the long weekend. 181 done for the week.

Tuesday 10:30 pm -- Yay, a little earlier still. A good day. Nice weather, good sleep, good conversations with staff at work, nice evening at home. Ben continues to be aggressive, I think I just need to start making sure he's in bed earlier, even if he doesn't seem tired yet. The guy came today to take measurements for the replacement sliding glass door pane and Rachel's window. Hers has been intact but messed up for years, so it's a relief to finally get that taken care of. We also got a surprise in the mail today from someone who thought we needed a break. It was anonymous, so I'm just grateful that someone was thinking of us in that way. This is the third time we've gotten a surprise in the mail, the second time it's been entirely anonymous. I haven't walked at work the past two days because I've had other stuff to take care of, but still was under my calories again today. Yay. 134 items completed so far this week. I could have done more but I got distracted watching How it Should Have Ended videos. They have a new one out for Frozen that's really good.

Monday 10:45 pm -- Well, a little earlier. A good day. Phenomenal weather. Ben did much better today at school and when I was home with him, though he ate forever. Lori did this cool thing where she served pizza for dinner, told me what the calories were, but didn't tell me that there was still a piece on the stove that counted in the calories. Which meant that when I thought I was done, it was like getting a free piece. Yay. Under my calories, no walking at lunch because I'm in a little pain from yesterday, but did do 60 minutes of free step tonight. Now off to do some last-minute stuff and then head off to read and bed. 104 items done for the week.

Sunday 11:10 pm -- It's late. It's been a long day. Packed a lot into the day and weekend. Started the day OK. Lori had worship team. She helped me get the children ready and then she left. Ben didn't like that and started getting mean after that. I went to get the nail clippers because he was scratching me and drawing blood and while I was doing that, he was pouring a full bottle of juice all over the kitchen floor and then playing in it. So we were late to church. Barely got in there and they paged me to say he was being extremely aggressive. I went in there and I couldn't calm him down any so we eventually went to another room to wait for the service to end. We almost didn't last that long. Came home and he continued to be trouble but I hung out with him and I started being less frustrated as I cleaned in the kitchen. Lori came home, Ben went down for a rest, I went outside and raked a bunch of moss, mowed all four lawns and fertilized and watered one. Found that our faucet out front has broken so I had to drag a long hose from the backyard. Need stuff to stop breaking around the house. I may have fixed the toilet but I can't fix this. Or the shattered pane of glass in the sliding glass door. Argh. I actually ended up getting a *lot* of stuff done today. 71 items. Dang. That's gotta be some kind of record. My goal for this week is to get back in control of my calendar, aware of what's coming up. I was under my calories thanks to all the working outside and now upstairs to do a little reading before bed.
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