Thursday, April 17, 2014

Treat. Yo. Self.

People claim I'm difficult to shop for. I claim they're just shopping in the wrong price category. For instance, Testla Model S - practical, stylish, best rating Consumer Reports has ever given.

But I have recently received some gifts I really enjoyed, from the category "Treat. Yo. Self." - stuff I probably wouldn't have gotten for myself, but made for a small luxury.

Small Indulgence - a Christmas gift from my wife, this soap came in a small cardboard box and was a nice perk each morning. The black spots are coffee grounds. The soap smelled of coffee and oranges and the grounds gave it a rough/abrasive feeling, in a good way.

Comfort - My sister-in-law made a batch of biscotti, paired it with a bag of ground coffee from a small local brewer and homemade "vanilla sugar." I normally use a substitute to avoid the calories, but I love vanilla. She took a small glass jar with a sealable lid and put a whole vanilla bean in it and then added sugar missed with (ground? shaved?) vanilla. Very tasty.

Practical "Luxury" - I've been trying to get each each car to the car wash every other month because it's difficult to find time to do it by hand (and it's not that convenient with this house). For my birthday my parents got me a gift card to the car wash nearest my house. It's pretty handy because for the next few months, I'll just have to put in the card and get a "free" car wash.

Add a Little Flava - For Christmas Lori got me a few bottles of the calorie free coffee Torelli Coffee Syrups. Besides classic faves like Vanilla and Caramel, she also found one I didn't even know existed that was a fantastic treat - Kalua. Yum.

Considering how these made me feel, I think I need to figure out how to get little things that brighten other people's days.

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