Thursday, April 24, 2014

Influence (6 of 10)

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Welcome to day 6 of my look at "Becoming a Person of Influence: How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others" by John C. Maxwell and Jim Dornan. This isn't intended to replace the book, but to give you a glimpse into what the book is about and to help me capture my thoughts.

Chapter 6: A Person of Influence Enlarges People

Giving people motivation to grow and the means to do it.

I can do and to some degree am doing this for my team (probably not with enough intentionality) - is anyone doing this for me? (Temporarily with the intercession ordered by my boss in 2011, but beyond that...?)

Ha. It just struck me. We are in a mentoring business. We don't just throw money at a problem or roll in and tell a people who it's going to be. We identify areas that are hurting and we offer to help. We meet with the local leaders and interested parties and look at the best ways to tackle the particular problems facing them. The money makes it possible to implement, but it's the leadership and experience that we make available that makes all the difference between a hand-out and a hand-up.

Many want to get ahead and succeed, but they are reluctant to change.

It's suggested that someone will not follow someone with leadership skills weaker than their own, but they also won't follow or respect someone who isn't growing. Reminds me of the "Be the change you wish to see in the world." quote from Gandhi. You need to model what you expect in others. I think I occasionally see this. I remember a boss once telling me in an annual review that my powers of communication are great and that I needed to be careful with them. I could be very compelling and convincing, but I could also be quite negative, and when I was negative, my staff was negative. If that wasn't a trait I wanted to create within my group, it needed to start (stop) with me.

Be a model of integrity to all people, motivate all those around you, mentor a select few. Identify those with the greatest potential - you can't pour yourself into everyone - but you can have the biggest impact with those who are the most receptive.

Cast a vision for their future - what's my vision?

How is there anything beyond your wildest dreams if you have no wild dreams?

Four Areas of the Development Process:

(1) Attitude

(2) Relationships

(3) Leadership

(4) Personal and Professional Skills

(1) Who might I enlarge? List 3.
(2) Agenda (grid):
Name, Potential, Passion, Character Issue(s), Greatest Strength, Next Step in Development, Resource for Current Need, Next Enlarging Experience

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