Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weeks 53 & 54 (Final)

Sunday 2:15 pm - I didn't hit 400 for the combined two week period. But I think I started to get back to being more disciplined. Partially. But I'm ready to close out the week and dive into next week. I came to realize this week that I let control slip away. I haven't been as aware of my calendar and my email's been a bit of a mess and mail is threatening to get out of control. (Laundry and Feedly have been ok, though. And I've been reading more.) So time to get centered. It's a great, quiet afternoon which I'm going to try to use to shore up my calendar and dive into this next week.

Thursday 11:00 pm - Sleep was pretty bad last night. I was really tired and fell asleep reading. But then woke back up and helped Ben get to sleep, but then took a long time to fall back asleep. Lori also didn't sleep well and Rachel woke up at 3 and played the rest of the night, unbeknownst to us. Our sliding glass door shattered today. We think something hit it, but no idea what. It's still standing, but it's all tiny pieces most the size of a fingernail. If you stand there, you can hear it continuing to crack. Fortunately it's a dual pane and the other pane is still intact since it's going to take a few days to get someone out to replace it. Ugh. I probably was over a little bit on my calories today, I couldn't stop snacking tonight. 323 items completed on my to-do list for this combined two-week period. Having a printed list has been helpful.

Wednesday 10:25 pm - The day didn't start out great. I felt out of sorts, cranky, overloaded by the surrounding stimuli. I'd also made a mistake yesterday. We recently transitioned from Notes to Outlook. Our group had been converted on Sunday evening. I was doing some cleanup in Notes, which I thought was a now disconnected system floating out there. And I deleted all of the items in my calendar. I came to find out the next day that they were still connected and I had declined or canceled a bunch of meetings. There's really no way to fix that, I think I have caused some confusion that will take weeks or months to straighten out. Argh. By the afternoon, I was feeling better, I had gotten some stuff squared away and felt like I was in control of stuff. Not caught up, mind you, but at least tracking better again - had time to update my task list, print out my calendar so it's waiting for me for tomorrow, stuff like that. And then before I left work, I printed out my to do list for home. After getting almost nothing done last night, I got so much done tonight because I had my calendar to work from. That feels really good. So now it's still early and I'm going to be able to get quite a bit of reading in tonight. Yay. Walked 2.8 miles, did an hour of free-step and am under my calories for the second day in a row. Yay again. 295 items completed for the combined week.

Monday 11:00 pm - We had a later night than expected last night, Ben wanted to play and eat. Tired today, but a good day. Now, it's time to go read and get to bed.  248 done for the combined two-week period, a bit of work in the yard tonight, applying turf builder and pulling lots of weeds.

Sunday 11:10 pm - I think I'll do another double-week. Instead of wrapping up this week and starting a new one, I did a lot of laundry and watched 12 Monkeys this afternoon. I couldn't remember what it was about but I thought it was a confusing dystopian time-travel movie with Bruce Willis, so I guess I remembered correctly. Still, way better than Looper.  I had heard there was going to be a new 12M TV series, so watched the movie. Also played with Ben and he and I went on a short walk. Was a nice day overall, but I need to start getting some work done in the yard or we're going to get put in the new HOA "Repeat Offender" category for weeds in the yard and that's expensive. 223 done for the week, but it was quieter day at home worried less about chores and more about just being with family. Now to just be more strategic in the coming week. Also just finished series 1 of the Dr. Who reboot. We really need to look ahead to see if something's going to be a two-parter before we start it.

Saturday 10:40 pm - Well, it's late, but not as late as last night. I guess that's good. It was mostly a nice day. A lot of time at home with the family and then a birthday party, and then a little more time after that. I was frustrated a few times with Ben for being aggressive and at two points because of the noise. I probably didn't drink my water soon enough and had too much coffee without enough to offset it. Ben's new pattern seems to be to sleep for two-three hours and then be awake and need more melatonin to fall back asleep. Not sure why. Finished Outpost and started Enclave. Didn't do much to exercise today, freestep tonight for awhile but not a long time, my feet weren't feeling good. I'm sure I'm over my calories, what with the party. It was a The Hungry Caterpillar-themed party for a 3-year-old and they commissioned Lori to create the cake, which was a small red cake and then green cupcakes, carrot-cake with all natural dyes. Got a lot done today while still spending more time with the family. What I have not done yet is sat down and done any sort of planning for the next few months, but I did print out some calendars so I can work on it old school pencil and paper style. Hopefully will help me to get back to regular blogging as well.  Also figured out a new trick - Rachel will do "May Dos" for computer time. Instead of one chore that was worth 50 cents, she did it for 30 cents and 20 minutes on the computer. Must keep this in mind. Perhaps most future computer time should be earned (though she can't get a dime from her room and think she can get 10 minutes on the computer.) 196 items completed for the week.

Friday 11:40 pm - Another good night of sleep last night. I walked out of work satisfied with what I'd accomplished today. I'm dreading next week because I have 24 of my 39 (have to leave early one evening) hours at work next week already scheduled into meetings. (34 meetings plus two additional optional hour-long meetings). Pretty sure more meetings will get added to my calendar next week. I was under my calories today, but not sure by how much as I snacked some and didn't enter them. That's a bad habit I need to break. I walked 2.8 miles at lunch and did an hour of freestep this evening. I read during my walk at lunch and will read some more tonight. It's late, but the children stayed up late and we'll all sleep in tomorrow. 150 items done for the week.

Thursday 10:40 pm - Chrome for the Mac is borked tonight. Argh. Just watched an episode of Dr. Who that we didn't realize was a two-parter. Argh. Let's see... any other arghs? No, except the computer trying to autocorrect argh. Oh, and our computer that runs Windows XP going out of service soon. Microsoft appears to be sticking it to us, looks like they're disabling their antivirus software, too. Argh. On the other hand, we've had two good nights of sleep in a row. I'm kinda happy about that. I can totally tell at work that things are different. I guess I've been overly tired for quite a while now. 129 items done for the week. Definitely not under my calories today. I need to start running again because I don't have the willpower to eat healthy.

Wednesday 10:20 pm - Look at that, already missed a day. To be honest, just plain forgot. Did an exercise at work this week where I had to take my strengths from the Strength Finder test and write a paragraph about how each does or doesn't fit me. I realized that they do fit me, but that I'm not using them well, either at home or at work. In some ways, I think it's because I'm just trying to keep up with all that's coming at me like some super-insane-speed game of Tetris or something. But I realized that I need to be intentionally pausing and being strategic if I want to play to my strengths. I need to make that happen soon.  Walked 2.4 miles today (and yesterday) and read from the book I'm reading and got about six hours of sleep. I was under my calories tonight and probably under or close yesterday. 97 tasks completed so far this week.

Monday 10:50 pm - I should have posted this earlier as I'm anxious to get upstairs. Was under my calories today, walked 2.8 miles, read some from a magazine (and will read from my book tonight). Hung blue lights on the tree that normally has white lights to "light it up blue" for Autism Awareness for next month. Sleep was horrible again last night. I have to think I would do much better at work if I could get decent sleep.  44 things checked off so far for the week.

Sunday 10:15 pm - Ok, starting a new week. Got some exercise working in the yard and doing freestep. Met my step count but didn't stay under my calories.  Didn't do anything reading but will do some tonight. Sleep wasn't that great last night, Ben coughed quite a bit during the night. He gave himself a nap this afternoon and is still awake now, hoping he'll eventually fall asleep and stay asleep overnight. Need to get back to blogging. 12 items completed off my to do list so far for the new week.
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