Sunday, January 05, 2014

Week 40 (Final)

Final - So I think this week proved that I need to be checking in nightly. So I'm going to set a new cut-off of 9 pm - whatever's done is done, whatever's not done is not done.

serenity - not this week. Working towards cleaning up our bedroom to make it more of a haven, did get some work done on it this week. But I would say that serenity is in short supply in my life. I'm not sure how much I'm actually allowed, but it's still important to me. I'm also probably thinking a lot about last which was horrible, probably the worst night of sleep in my entire life.

simplicity - my life is still so far from simple, but I'm keeping this in mind.

serendipity - this is an interesting one - I can't actually force serendipity, that's an unexpected outcome, right? There was something fun today - we ended up taking a walk hoping the fresh air and exercise would tire out the children. We discovered we don't do enough walks because Ben kept trying to pull away to go up people's driveways. We thought he was just mistaking their houses for our house and wanting to go back inside because it was cold. But after the third house or so he started insisting "treat" - apparently thinking about to Halloween. So he got a treat when we got home.

focus - not constantly, but it's been top of mind which has helped me in some decisions and some efforts. Is this unnecessary complication? If yes, then why am I thinking about it? This is so far definitely easier to think about than simplify was.
  • 162 completed (41 incomplete)
  • Sunday: 27 completed
  • Monday: 12 completed
  • Tuesday: 0 completed
  • Wednesday: 44 completed
  • Thursday: 10 completed
  • Friday: 12 completed
  • Saturday: 25 completed
  • Sunday: 32 completed
Saturday - Didn't get much done yesterday or as much today as I wanted to. I did, however, do some work to declutter in the bedroom. This is my focus right now, the bedroom.

Thursday - no, this week has not improved as far as keeping up on stuff. I really pulled tomorrow and Saturday back to the bare minimum. We'll see what I actually can finish this week.

Monday - Things were thrown out of whack last week with Christmas and I haven't really gotten back into the swing of things.
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