Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week 42 & 43 (Final)

Sunday night - After church, I decided it was more important to do something as a family rather than run home to lunch and my chore list. So we went to McDonalds because that's easy for Ben. Blew my calories, but we had a nice time. It's not super-late but I'm going to put an end to this double-week and get next week's planned.
  • These weeks: 331 completed 
  • Sunday: 31 completed
  • Monday: 27 completed (8 postponed)
  • Tuesday: 23 completed (14 postponed)
  • Wednesday: 20 completed (15 postponed)
  • Thursday: 26 completed (8 postponed)
  • Friday: 11 completed
  • Saturday: 18 completed (iPad conference)
  • Sunday: 14 completed (church and birthday party/travel)
  • Monday: 37 completed (Martin Luther King, Jr. day - work/school holiday)
  • Tuesday: 20 completed (31 postponed)
  • Wednesday: 19 completed (34 postponed)
  • Thursday: 25 completed (32 postponed)
  • Friday: 21 completed (28 postponed)
  • Saturday: 36 completed (25 postponed)
  • Sunday: 3 completed (45 incomplete at week's end)
  • Nice to have: 56 remaining
Saturday night - It's been a good day. We all had a great walk this afternoon. I also got a lot done today. I feel like I might actually get a blog post in tomorrow. I'd like to do one.

Friday night - It's weird. All day I've been thinking "It can't be Friday already." I mean, I was glad it was, but I still had a lot to do. Last night we had sleep issues again. It turns out Ben's pajamas were caught on his toes but he couldn't tell us so we just thought he was having sleeping issues. Guess we have to check even more when he's awake at night. Feel bad that didn't occur to us to check.

Thursday night - I can't think of anything to write tonight.

Wednesday night - My velocity has been off recently. I sort of know why, but I thought it would be improved tonight.

Tuesday night - I decided to just carry on to a second week. It's been busy. Today was an awesome day at work. Finally had a few moments to breathe. Had a little bit of trouble overnight, but it didn't destroy me. I haven't looked at the week to know how it's looking.

Thursday night - This extremely long week is one day closer to being done. I guess I only really have to make it to the end of the work day tomorrow to breathe a sigh of relief. It's been a tough and challenging week, but not exactly a bad one. I guess by the end of the day Friday what's done is done and what's left undone remains for the following week. I've all but given up on email at work - I have had so many meetings I haven't had time to do anything with emails that take more than 2 seconds to triage. At home, I'm behind on my regular mail and getting stuff changed over from the post office box. I was under my calories and made my walking goal. Lori was under her calories as well. And Rachel just completed day 10 of getting all her responsibilities done.

Wednesday night - I'm having a problem being motivated to get stuff done. I think it has to do with this being what feels like the most difficult and busy week ever in my adult career. Fortunately, that's just at work and not at home. Holy moly. I did meet my steps goal and my calories. Lori did too. And Rachel did her chores - day 9. Yay.

Tuesday night - We had a doctor's appointment this evening so much less time at home.

Monday night - I haven't had time to do much work to prepare this week. I kind of just had to launch into it. Lori and I were both under our calories today. Woo hoo. Got 14,900 steps today (supposed to get 8,000). And Rachel completed all her chores for a 7th. day in a row (she's home sick today and tomorrow, poor girl). And Ben's saying more "yes" and "no" and when we sing the alphabet song and end with "Next time won't you sing with..." and he says the tiniest little "me." So cute.
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