Saturday, January 11, 2014

iPad Project, Day 1 (Life with #Autism)

We recently applied for a grant from a local non-profit for an iPad for Ben. We were accepted and today I picked up the iPad. Now, I have a work iPad, but this is different - it's not so much about the iPad, but the apps. Next week we get apps, also a part of the grant - apps specifically identified by Ben's speech/language therapist. So today they gave us what appeared to be a refurbished iPad 2 with iOS 7 (the guy next to me appears to have gotten a 3 or at least one capable of Siri but with iOS 6).

I had tried free apps before on my work iPad with little success, but it had been awhile. So today, with the new iPad (in a massive Otterbox Defender) I downloaded some free apps again and did some hand-over-hand on the screen. He seemed to get the idea of touching buttons on his own, especially when the screen simply showed a big yes and no. When I asked him if he needed to use the potty, he made it say yes (after several swipes at the screen) and so we went upstairs, I put him on his seat and he went immediately. I'm not going to claim some amazing breakthrough, but that was pretty cool.

So I'll probably work a little more with him on the free apps this week and next weekend, we'll get the specifically recommended ones. Excited about that.
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