Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Space of Interactions

This was on my mind as I walked into the office building from my car this morning.  There's an idea that I've really found compelling recently, something I heard from someone wise recently.  Don't know if it was from a pastor at church, my boss, something I read somewhere or maybe something off of one of the Saddleback podcasts. 

But it essentially says that every relationship you have with someone - you are either teaching them or learning from them. 

I'm not sure I'm saying it exactly right because it doesn't sound so profound right there on the screen and you've probably already spotted the problem with that philosophy - the "OR". 

Embrace the AND.  This morning I thought that I wanted to exchange/change that thought slightly -- to say that if you think you know which side of the teaching/learning equation you're on, you're either foolish or arrogant and you're severely limiting the potential of that relationship.
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