Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I dreamt that I was visiting a friend's apartment.  They had a Roomba that they had knitted a cozy for.  I was highly skeptical and pointed out that it would probably get stuck in the machine's wheels, catch fire, and then leave little pieces of burning cozy all over their apartment.  They dismissed the notion with a wave of their hand and I made a mental note that I should never stay at their apartment while recovering from any illness or surgery that left me immobile or unable to move on my own, lest the tiny little deathtrap decide then and there to start the robot uprising and kill us all in a miniature firestorm of molten, flaming knitted wool.

One of the things I find myself doing after a dream is trying to figure out what caused it... lack of sleep... watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles before bed... an article on Engadget about little robots who know when their owners are angry and run and hide.

Worst of all - you can buy costumes for your Roomba.   (I refuse to link to such sites, lest someone be encouraged to buy one of these slipcovers for their robot.)

I can almost see an animal costume, maybe even for someone who's alergic to real animals -- we're talking preschool animals: round circular single color bodies and little squares and triangles for facial features. 

But the "french maid" costume?  That's someone who needs to have their Roomba taken away.  That's wrong on several levels.
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