Saturday, March 28, 2009

Newest Time Suck

I've just discovered UNO on Facebook.  You play live games against other people.  I've only played three games, but they can take a long time.  Basically you go in and it finds three other players and then you play UNO.  The only thing it doesn't explain is how to bust someone who doesn't call UNO.  Either I busted someone (Nicole from Australia*) for not saying it by clicking on her spot at the table, or the game auto-busted her, not sure. 

*I only note this to say that you play with people from all over - kinda cool.  At that game were actually two people who lived in the same section of New York and were nine years apart in age and the 21-year-old guy was really hitting on the 30-year-old girl hard.  That would have been annoying, but it led to an overall chatty group where most of the talk actually became about the game and all the chatting made the game feel more real, more tense.

The game also simplifies things slightly by highlighting playable cards, arrows show game direction, the background curtains change colors to reflect current play color.

The only other thing I found confusing was how to play the wilds.  Turns out it shouldn't have been - you just play it and then click the color that appears.  I think I was confused by the beeping timer.

At the moment, you can only play against people it selects but at some point, it may let you invite friends.  Also, it doesn't seem to have a long-term scorecard, which might be good.  I trounced in game one, lost in game two and threw away game three with one dumb move, if I'd played one card differently, I would have won. 
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