Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dear Qwest

Dear Qwest,

Ah, it must be spring.  Even though I am not a customer, I see that it's that time of year where you ask me to help you with your recycling.  Yes, thank you for the latest phone book you've delivered to my driveway.

As usual, it is for the wrong city in the wrong county.

Why on earth would I want your phone book?  I don't own parakeets and we sprung for an actual booster seat for our child.  What good is a dead tree book full of information that's outdated before you even print it, contains no reviews and is incomplete and people pay to be included.

Thanks, but no thanks.  If I need information, I'll use the internet.  Ever heard of it?  Probably not since you don't offer DSL to my address.  It's this very cool series of tubes that brings all manner of information (including restaurant guides - with reviews!, maps - with street level views!, and more) right to one's computer or mobile.  Your dumb phone book is going straight in the recycling bin.

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