Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quick Hit - Work Related

For those of you still waiting for my social media experiment results, I hope to get to it tomorrow.  I have top level - already 2% improvement in opens to the original email (we are promoting our president's new book) but an aggregate 8% improvement in clickthrough.  (And we're talking 1 week versus 5 weeks - these newsletters have surprising longevity in their repeat opens.)  Tomorrow I'm hoping to find time to run specific link count reporting, but that depends on how busy the day gets.  To see the newsletter for yourself, please check out the online version here.  It's roughly the same, except for a slightly modified footer that removes things like the unsubscribe link, and a revised pre-header that doesn't link back to the online version since you're already there.  What I won't have anytime soon are web statistics, this is one area I'm still in the process of coming up to speed on.
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